Better health with chicken

Chicken is the most common type of poultry in the world .it has been domesticated and consumed as food for thousands of years. Chicken is very nutrientive and has more advantageous health benefits  ,which is more advice to consume  it than meat.

Fried  and frozen chicken have no health benefits but boiled chicken has more health benefits.

  • Chicken build muscles and increases appetite because of zinc which helps to maintain a healthy appetite.
  • It also keeps bones healthy because of phosphorus which belong with calcium which is good for people with weak bones.
  • Consuming boiled chicken reduces cholesterol due to the present of niacin which lower the level of cholesterol.
  • Chicken has alot of trace minerals which boost the immune system.
  • Chicken helps the growth of children.Due to the presence of amino acids which help the child grow taller and stronger.
  • The mineral  call selenium is found in chicken which cuts the risk of developing arthritis  at later stage of life.
  • The calming effect on the nerves  or relieves stress due to the presence of vitamin B5 and pantothenic acid.
  • Chicken cuts the risk of heart attack because its rich in vitamin B6 which lower the level of homocysteine
  • Consuming chicken soothes pre_menstrual stress because of magnesium in it.
  • Its also have special health benefits for men because of zinc in it which help to regulate the testosterone (male hormone) levels 
  • Also it helps in weight loss,control of blood pressure and reduced cancer risk.

Its adviceable to eat chicken than meat.!!!!!!!

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