Sports live healthy

There are is saying ‘all work without playing makes someone a dull person’ ,same goes with health all eating without sports makes you not totally healthy.

Sports are one of the essential factor of a health life .Doing sports are very important to us and our bodies because of its many advantages as much as food.

Doing sports reduces the risk of diabetes and helps in stretching ability which prevent heart malfunctioning.

Also doing sports manages your body weight because its burns carloria

It’s also prevent hypertension (high blood pressure)

Exercises maintains lower level of bad cholesterol and its toning the muscles.

Doing sports regularly improves blood circulation which makes the body oxygenated.

Furthermore daily sports makes the body immune to many diseases that affect the boy and it also makes the bone stronger.

Self -esteem and matual respect is also built up when doing sports.

Discipline and mind calmness  are also part of the benefits of doing sports.

Eating for only food wouldn’t help to be healthy without sports  because there are some things in your system which food can’t do only sport .its important to do some sport at least twice a week 
      Do sports stay beautiful 

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