Palm wine

Palm wine is a local drink in most  West Africa.its a sweet tasty sap gotten from wounded palm. Many have different name to call it “lambanog”,” panam culloo”,”Dona”,”Emu”by the Igbo and “Mbu ” in Cameroon.

Palm wine contains sugar, protein,carbohydrate,Amino acid,vitamin C,yeast,bacteria, potassium, zinc,magnesium, Iron,vitamin B1,B2,B3 and B6 

Consuming freshpalm wine is good for our health

  • Consuming  fresh palm improve eyesight due to  antioxidant vitamin C
  • Its also reduced risk of cardiovascular disease (heart disease) because of potassium found in”mbu”.
  • Due to the presence of vitamin B2(riboflavin) in palm wine helps to fight against cancer.
  • “Panam culloo” can be use in maintaining a healthy hair,skin,and nails
  • Also the consumption of palm wine promotes lactation to lactating mother during limited breast milk.

Even thought palm wine is good for our body but it has disadvantages too

Fermented palm wine(strong white mimbo) in excess is bad for our health due to high percentage of alcohol which is higher than some alcoholic beverages we drink.

Its also destroy our kidney,liver n other system in our body.weaken the heart muscle which can lead to heart attack.

Its decreases blood clotting factors.

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