Love yourself ,love your health

“I do not like the way I look because am too fat,am not as beautiful or handsome like him or her ,am not as rich or have friend like him or her,am not am not………..”

Life or living a health life or style is not comparing yourself with others or wishing you were them or more than them .its not only about the good food,fruits or jams we go to workout  but it begins first with loving yourself ,loving to be you ,loving  yourself to want to be different or wanting to change look because you choice to not because of someone or thing.

Loving yourself is part of living a healthy lifestyle because loving oneself make you to know the kind health food  to eat so as to keep yourbody ,mind and soul healthy.

Loving yourself give you confidence no matter you size ,height, colour,sex in front of people because some people are ashame  of their body because either they are fat or small.

You were are different form the others because God made you different ,the way you are done not determine who you will be .when you love you self you will love to be healthy and to eat healthy.

It has been proven scientifically that loving oneself greatly improve you lifestyle because when you don’t love your self wanting to be like another person might cause you be unhealthy. Like some fat to slim and slim to fat disease heart disease, gastric and other.

         Love yourself with cause you love your healthy 

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