Importance of pawpaw seeds

Papaya which is also known as pawpaw .its a  good fruit and its consumed by many because of its vitamins and minerals that are essential for normal and functioning of the body.

We offen eat the papaya (pawpaw) and throw the seed without knowing that consuming pawpaw with the seed has very good health benefits to our body.

  • Papaya seeds contain vital nutrients that heal cirrhosis of the liver.
  • Consuming papaya with the seeds serve as an antibacterial and work well for food poisoning cases.its also helps for easy digestion.
  • Its also an anti_inflammatory which is great for joints disease, swelling,pain and redness.
  • Papaya seed relief  from  toothache by eating and messaging on the teeths and gums.
  • Also papaya seeds treat kidney disease and preventing renal failure and its works especially great for poison related kidney disease.
  • The consumption of papaya seeds stop the growth of cancer and tumors.
  • Papaya seeds are good for skin care and also for weight lost.

Throwing pawpaw or papaya seeds is life throwing an aspect or contributor to a healthy life. 

                      Stay Healthy!!!!!!

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