Life and health

Life is like a  man who sleeps without knowing what tomorrow will look like,without knowing what to eat but believe that there is a way and a God who knows  all and always providers.

Life is to be hopeful, thanksful for all things and situations  and to believe that the next day  will be better or greater than the one that has past .

Life is all about being ready and knowing that in some place or situation,time of ones living you might fall but the one of the greatest of life is knowing that when you fall don’t just remain there but you pity up the pieces to form and make yourself stronger

Life is seeing a way when no one sees,hoping and believing when no one does.

Life is loving and accepting everyone not expecting others to do the same.

Being happy,fulfill, being a peace maker, working hard,enduring,prayful makes life.

* All these come through having a positive thinking or having a positive way of seeing life no matter the situation, thus having a sound mind;the most important of a healthy living which is more than the exercises we do or the good food ,fruits which we eat.

      Positive life ,positive health!!!!!

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