Cucumber and its Health Benefits

Cucumber like any other vegetable is consumed by many without knowing the importants  to our health ,its good and its helps to keep us healthy ,its good to consume a cucumber or half a daily.Cucumber is scientifically known as cucumis sativus ,cucumber is a member of the cucurbitaleae family of plant and its belong to the same botanical family as melons including watermelon and cantaloupe.A fresh cucumber  contains 95% of water ,also has both antioxidant and anti_inflammatory properties which helps remove waste from the body,its also a rich source of tritepene phytonutrients called cucurbitacins.Cucurbitacins A,B,C,D and E are in a cucumber.

A slice or a full cucumber has many nutrients such as vitamin k 19%,molybdenum 12%,pantothenic acid 5%,copper 4%,vitamin c 4%,vitamin B1 3%,magnesium 3% and others which are all needed  for the body .The consumption of cucumber does the following to our bodies;

Consumption of cucumber  helps to exminate toxins from the stomach which works to reduce stomach fat.

1.Cucumber consumption acts an anti_cancer.

2.Eating cucumber helps in managing diabetes.

3.Helps lower blood pressure.

4.Keeps body healthy and functioning.

5.Helps prevent constipation.

6.Reduces risks of kidney stones.

6.Provides bright and glowing complexion

7.Cucumber is also used for the skin especially in removing dark cricles form the eyes. Cucumber has a cooling and soothing effect that decreases swelling, irritation and inflammation when used topically. A. Slice of cucumber  when placed on the eyes decreases morning puffiness or alleviate  and treat sunburn.

8.A glass of grind  cucumber when consumed helps for weight lost(twice a day).

Consuming a cucumber either raw or as a drink per day contributes to living a healthy life.

      STAY HEALTHY!!!!!

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