“Holding onto anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die”.Living a life of anger or alway getting angry with people reduces your lifespans by keeping you restless without peace of mind and which may cause high blood pressure and many order diseases which makes our physical body not healthy. Living a life of anger also caused you to get old faster according to the scientists and more importantly anger is a poison to our soul or spirit because first anger is one of the deadly sin apart of jealousy, envy,hatery,consciousness, etc as listed in the Bible ,also being anger and keeping angry blocks your prayers from reaching God because he said we should forgive our brothers and sisters has Christ forgives our sins and in his word Jesus said we should forgive our brethen 70times time7.So due to these ,live a life free from anger because a life free from anger is a life of happiness in all situations,long life,alway young,  peace of mind ,productive thinking, prayers answered, your life will inspire other and most importantly a anger free life will make you to live your life for  you and not for somebody else.”No anger (poison) a beautiful and healthy life.”!!!!

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